Tory Clifton takes Zaden Tate’s big cock

Zaden Tate fucks Troy Clifton

Zaden Tate and Tory Clifton seem to hit it off pretty well, and that chemistry definitely transfers to the bed as Zaden goes down on Tory, sucking his dick and making it grow. Tory is clearly enjoying the feeling of Zaden’s mouth on his cock as Tory fingers his own asshole while Zaden licks up and down his shaft.

It’s not long before Zaden is gets some attention as Tory takes his dick in his mouth, pulling Zaden’s huge cock in and out, getting it nice and wet. Zaden’s ready for more, though, and he slips on a condom as Tory gets them each lubed up for action.

Tory climbs on top of Zaden and carefully shoves Zaden’s massive dick into his tight ass, going slow so that he can adjust to Zaden’s size… since this is the most dick that Tory’s ever taken! He rides Zaden’s cock, bouncing up and down on it before changing positions a bit to get a little deeper!

As he straddles Zaden, Tory shoves Zaden’s throbbing dick deep inside, taking that huge cock like a pro! Next, Tory lays back on the bed and Zaden stands next to him, fucking him from behind, going in and out nice and slow and making Tory come all over! Zaden’s ready for release, too, as he pulls out and shoots his white hot load across Tory’s chest!

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Isaac Hardy fucks Kyle Harley at College Dudes

Isaac Hardy fucks Kyle Harley

Kyle Harley and Isaac Hardy start things off slow and sensual, taking their time with one another, kissing and touching each other, before the clothes start coming off…and once that happens, things get really hot really quick! Ones the boxers come off, Isaac can’t get to Kyle’s cock fast enough! He explores Kyle’s dick with his tongue, running his hot mouth along the shaft and pumping it in and out of his wet mouth.

But Kyle wants a taste of Isaac’s manhood, too, and the two switch positions with Isaac on the receiving end of some delicious oral! Kyle works Isaac’s thick cock with his mouth, massaging his balls and even stroking his own cock as he pleasures him. As much as Isaac loves Kyle’s mouth around his dick, he wants his dick in Kyle’s tight ass even more!

Isaac lubes up and Kyle kneels on the bed, eagerly awaiting Isaac’s huge cock before he slides it in slowly, shoving it deep into Kyle’s ass. Isaac fucks him doggy style for a while, getting Kyle used to the feeling of his huge cock in his ass before the two lay side by side and Isaac shoves his dick in again!

Kyle jerks his own cock as Isaac pounds him and it’s clear that these two are both enjoying themselves! Kyle turns over onto his back and Isaac kneels above him, fucking him hard and deep until they both can’t take anymore and shoot their hot load all over each other!

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Trent Blade Fucks Bryson Hughes

Trent and Bryson know how to put on a hot fuck-show, even on office furniture! Bryson finds Trent with his pole out and does not wait much to attack it with his eager mouth. After some sweaty sucking, Trent flips Bryson over and warms up his asshole up for a good pounding. Bryson has become an awesome bottom, and he rides Trents thick dick long hard and deep. Trent throws Bryson onto the desk and rails Bryson until two juicy loads of cum cover Brysons incredible abs.

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Carter Nash fucks Dillinger Cole

We had not seen Dillinger Cole in a while, since his virginity was taken on film last fall. He jumped at the chance to get ravished by Carter, though, and Carter Nash really gives it to him in this vid. We are really impressed at how Carter is getting more confident and aggressive – the face fucking Carter gives Dillinger is the best! Also, Carter outdoes himself when he picks up Dillinger and fucks him free-standing, before tossing him on the bed and pounding the cum out of cock hungry Dillinger.

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Logan Birch fucks Rob Ryder

This video with Logan and Rob has to be one of the most passionate intense fuck scenes we have shot in a while. Watching it almost feels like you are a fly on the wall while Logan and Rob make out, suck a lot of dick, and Logan ravishes Robs tight asshole. Once again Rob proves that he has one of the best asses on the Internet! This is a must see video!

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Calvin Haen fucks Spencer Stone

Calvin Haen and Spencer Stone have a lot of fun in this great fuck vid! After each of these guys wets the others pole, Spencer rides Calvin – moaning the whole time, before Calvin flips him over and slams his hard dick deep into Spencers ass. Both of these guys have amazing cumshots after a really hot fuck session!

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Jack Griffin fucks Zach Alexander

Zach Alexander loves to get pounded, and Jack Griffin does an amazing job! We love seeing Jack and his thick cock pumping away at Zachs very hot pink hole, all the while Zachs huge hard cock flopping around. Jack fucks the cum right out of Zach – an impressive load all over his hairy beautiful chest and abs!

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Conner and Jack: first time

Jack Griffin takes it up his virgin hole from big-dicked College Dude Connor Dane! It is great to have Connor and his tool back, and we really put him to work cracking open Jacks asshole.

Jack proved to be a great bottom – riding Connor like a pro and really let Connor give it to him! We love filming guys doing something for the first time – really hot stuff from a first time top and a first time bottom. You shouldnt miss this sexy fuck!

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Hayden fucks Paul’s tight ass

Hayden Wolfe plows into Paul Eastcore in this too-hot-to-handle fuck scene. Hayden has a giant cock, and Paul is pretty new to getting cock, so it was especially hot seeing Paul slurp all over Haydens cock before Hayden flipped him over, licked his hole, and took Paul for a ride.

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